Tanaya believes in founder's mentality and sustains that on anything that she chooses to work on creatively. Having a strong interest in the entertainment industry at a young age, she got her first multimedia job at the age of fifteen where she shot and edited local events at her High School. Afterward, she decided to continue learning at the School of Visual Arts in New York City where she received a Bachelor's in Film & Video Production. In addition to her college education, she's received training for comedic improvisation at the renowned UCB Comedy in Los Angeles to aid with her love of comedy and writing. In her 10 years of experience, she has been able to put her personal stamp on every project that she's touched from film, television, and commercials to virtual reality, video games, web series, and music videos. These experiences have taught her several multi-varied skills that she utilizes in any role that she fills.
In her downtime, she livestreams comedy, cooking, and gaming content as a Partner on Twitch. She also writes and voice acts for a podcast called Mass Effect: Adventum, a narrative Tabletop RPG. By and large, she's a health/fitness advocate who also enjoys hiking and nature photography as hobbies to keep her creative and balanced. Her main aim in life is to entertain people through humor and engage thought-provoking discussions through media. Overall, she wants to ensure that people find avenues for betterment in all areas of life. Currently, she resides in Los Angeles where works as a Freelance Video Editor and Producer for clients such as MTV, FujiFilm, and most recently Blavity. You can see more of her work on the platforms below.